3 Tips for Real Estate Investors and Agents to Survive Coronavirus and Thrive

There are several things that real estate investors and agents can be doing to set themselves up for success coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. The time to plan and take action is now so you can capitalize on the backside.

Here is the link for the Frank Better book mentioned in the video. FANTASTIC READ!

Quick Recap:

1) Mindset and Fitness - Exercise/ Read books, Educate yourself on new things.

2) Lead Gen - Youtube, Websites, Fabebook, Retargeting, CRM's

3) Reduce Expenses

Guys...what are YOU doing to prepare to come out better and stronger than ever?  We will be emerging in a few weeks, and life may quickly get back to hectic, "out of control", and overwhelmed...what are you doing to prepare for success?

Talk soon,


Photo by from Pexels

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