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The Death of the “Un” Affordable Healthcare Act and an Alternative for Full Time Real Estate Investors

“If you like your health care plan, you can keep it”.  That’s what I heard our President say when the ACA passed several years ago. I’m not here to roil political feathers in either direction.  I really don’t care whether Republicans implemented this ridiculousness, or Democrats. My goal here, on this site, is to help […]

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Mindmapping, Frameworks, and Mental Models

I have to admit. I have become obsessed with frameworks, mental models, and mindmaps, of late. It all started when I watched how effortlessly my “coaching” coach, Taki Moore, made creating frameworks to help people get results and achieve transformation. And that lead me to discovering Matt Church’s book: The Thought Leaders Practice. Mindmapping: Tony […]

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Challenge#1: Run 10K/Day for 30 Days Challenge

This is where I’m going to keep track of my daily recordings for my first ever 30 day challenge. The Run 10K/day for 30 days Challenge!  Caveat: it’s not really a 10K….it’s the American 10K version, 6 miles…haha.  As soon as I hit 6.0 miles, I’m calling it good enough. 🙂   Results: 10K/Day for […]

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1 How to Make a Real Estate Investor Website – Brandon’s Complete Step by Step Tutorial

Real Estate Investor Websites – Pt1 – How to Choose a Domain Real Estate Investor Websites – Pt2 – Domain and Hosting Setup Real Estate Investor Websites – Pt3 – Install WordPress & Removing Mojo Packs Real Estate Investor Websites – Pt4 – Tour of the WP Dashboard Real Estate Investor Websites – Pt5 – […]

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