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4 Unit Multi-Family Rental Property Investment Analysis

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Case Study: 4 Unit Multifamily Analysis Part II. I know…it’s been awhile since you have had an update on the 4 unit. Somebody asked last week on the Part 1 Video if a follow-up was going to be coming. Seeing that we just finished installing carpet yesterday and are about to rent out the final unit and bring the project down the final stretch, thought it may be a great opportunity to review the project. Here is a quick summary: Purchase Price: $18,000 Repairs: with the renovation of the last unit, we are coming in at about $67,000 total. 

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Filing for Landlord Tenant Judgments in Pennsylvania

You spent months getting to the finish line. You have filed landlord tenant complaints. Possibly even provided a 10 day or 30 day notice. The tenant has been served. You have a hearing.  You have obtained a judgment. And then what??

In many cases, that may be the end of the road. The tenant may have moved out and it may not be worthwhile pursuing anything further. Or, maybe you can check into wage garnishment.  Or, if you simply want to file a judgment and put it on record, THAT is what this video is about.

In this video, I share the next steps for after you have obtained your judgment from the Magistrates office.

To summarize, here are the basic steps you'll need to do:

1) Obtain a judgment at the local magistrates office.

2) Wait, i believe it was 10 days.

3) Go back to magistrates office and obtain a certified transcript of the judgment. (fancy words for a stamped copy)

4) Take the transcript to the county Prothonotary's office

5) Do what they tell you. 🙂

That's it. 🙂 Fairly easy process.  Getting there...probably not so much so. haha.

Hope you enjoyed the video.


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Westmoreland County Online Research – Recorder of Deeds, Prothonotary & More

Would you like to know how to find the owners of vacant properties? Or estimate how much a homeowner owes on their property?

In this video, I step you through the Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania online research tools including the Westmoreland County Recorder of Deeds, Prothonotary, and GIS Tax Mapping Site.

Hopefully this helps to make things a little more understandable and shows you how valuable of a resource the Westmoreland County online tools can be!

Take care,


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3D Virtual Tours Made Easy – Ricoh Theta V Review

3D Virtual Tours are becoming extremely popular due to people not being able to leave their homes currently due to the virus. We have been in the process of reviewing various 3D virtual tour softwares and 3D camera systems for some time now. We spent a lot of time reviewing them. In the end, we discovered a great combination which is meeting our needs well. And with things having been expedited with the virus, we've had a lot of practice to test it out. Works great!

In the video, I teach you:

- the 3 biggest advantages to us to using 3D virtual tours.

- How to set it up

- A common misconception about 3D cameras (hint: I thought they spun also)

- How they work

- Results of the camera we are using.

If you would like to get started on your own, here is a kit for using it:

Camera we are using



The 3 Biggest advantages for us of a 3D camera System:
1) Competitive advantage over other brokers. We are planning to offer free 3D tours for any clients over $100,000 listing price.
2) Save time and money - how long does it take you to drive across town, and show an apartment? or worse yet, the prospective tenant doesn't show? GRRRRR!
3) Able to obtain nice wide angle still photos from the 3D tour.

With the virus pandemic sweeping the world. realtors are looking for ways to conduct business remotely. I highly recommend our sytem, and I detail it all in this video.

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3 Tips for Real Estate Investors and Agents to Survive Coronavirus and Thrive

There are several things that real estate investors and agents can be doing to set themselves up for success coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. The time to plan and take action is now so you can capitalize on the backside.

Here is the link for the Frank Better book mentioned in the video. FANTASTIC READ!

Quick Recap:

1) Mindset and Fitness - Exercise/ Read books, Educate yourself on new things.

2) Lead Gen - Youtube, Websites, Fabebook, Retargeting, CRM's

3) Reduce Expenses

Guys...what are YOU doing to prepare to come out better and stronger than ever?  We will be emerging in a few weeks, and life may quickly get back to hectic, "out of control", and overwhelmed...what are you doing to prepare for success?

Talk soon,


Photo by from Pexels

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