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3D Virtual Tours Made Easy – Ricoh Theta V Review

3D Virtual Tours are becoming extremely popular due to people not being able to leave their homes currently due to the virus. We have been in the process of reviewing various 3D virtual tour softwares and 3D camera systems for some time now. We spent a lot of time reviewing them. In the end, we discovered a great combination which is meeting our needs well. And with things having been expedited with the virus, we've had a lot of practice to test it out. Works great!

In the video, I teach you:

- the 3 biggest advantages to us to using 3D virtual tours.

- How to set it up

- A common misconception about 3D cameras (hint: I thought they spun also)

- How they work

- Results of the camera we are using.

If you would like to get started on your own, here is a kit for using it:

Camera we are using



The 3 Biggest advantages for us of a 3D camera System:
1) Competitive advantage over other brokers. We are planning to offer free 3D tours for any clients over $100,000 listing price.
2) Save time and money - how long does it take you to drive across town, and show an apartment? or worse yet, the prospective tenant doesn't show? GRRRRR!
3) Able to obtain nice wide angle still photos from the 3D tour.

With the virus pandemic sweeping the world. realtors are looking for ways to conduct business remotely. I highly recommend our sytem, and I detail it all in this video.

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3 Tips for Real Estate Investors and Agents to Survive Coronavirus and Thrive

There are several things that real estate investors and agents can be doing to set themselves up for success coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. The time to plan and take action is now so you can capitalize on the backside.

Here is the link for the Frank Better book mentioned in the video. FANTASTIC READ!

Quick Recap:

1) Mindset and Fitness - Exercise/ Read books, Educate yourself on new things.

2) Lead Gen - Youtube, Websites, Fabebook, Retargeting, CRM's

3) Reduce Expenses

Guys...what are YOU doing to prepare to come out better and stronger than ever?  We will be emerging in a few weeks, and life may quickly get back to hectic, "out of control", and overwhelmed...what are you doing to prepare for success?

Talk soon,


Photo by from Pexels

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Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Real Estate Coronavirus Update

The real estate market in Pennsylvania and individual counties is changing everyday. As of right now, real estate sales and leasing are classified as non life-sustaining.  Some agents are still conducting open houses and showing of properites. However, as more and more counties shut-down to "stay at home" orders, I'm suspecting many of the "gray" areas will be come more black and white.  

For my new brokerage, our physical location is closed. You can still reach us and we can try to help anyswer any questions you may have as things are quickly changing. Here is a video that will help bring you up to speed.

Here is a quick summary of the video:

Real Estate brokerages physical locations are closed until further notice.

Many closing companies are either staying open, or receiving special exemptions to continue operating. I know several who are still in business. If you need one, let me know.

With "stay at home" orders more than likey to continue throughout the state, more and more of the, what some agents are terming as "gray areas" (open houses and showings of properties, etc) are probably going to be completely black and white. Basically, don't go and meet peole and show them properties.

The biggest hangups with most closings coming up with be the lack of departments to conduct dye testing and occupancy inspections.  And honestly, when in doubt, it's best to side on cuation and just stay home. The pain will be temporary and lives will be saved.

Have any questions? please let me know.


Brandon Yeager

Broker/Owner of HouseRock Realty

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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Small Business Succession: The “If Brandon Dies” Document

If you own your own small business (or businesses), and you died today, would your spouse/significant others/family know where or how to locate the vital information they may need to transfer any wealth you have accumulated?  That's the Question. And the solution is...the "If Brandon Dies" Document.

Here is a brief outline of the "If Brandon Dies" Document:

1) How are Properties titled - Which entity (Personally, LLC)

2)  Bank Accounts - I have 15 bank accounts (bear in mind, we have several LLC's and I have 4 kids).  Along with your bank accounts, perhaps list any stock/mutual funds accounts you may have. and by the way...if you have no real estate, and all your money is tied up into the stock have possibly just lost 1/3 of your wealth and retirement in 1 week. That is probably sobering, but, a good reason to invest in real estate in the future.

3) Passwords - for anything and everything, online banking, apps, sites you use, health insurance, etc.

4) Computer/Ipad Passwords - what is the password or pin to get into your computer?

5) Where are your checkbooks located?

6) Accountant/Bookkeeper - who they are and how to reach them.

7) Attorney who Prepared your wills/how to contact them - If you haven't had a will drawn up, now is a perfect time. No better time than the present. If you have...document who drafted it.

8) Where to find your business operating agreements.

9) Life Insurance - Who is your contact person for it

10) Website Usernames/Passwords - if your spouse is going to pick up the torch and you use a website for your marketing...please put on the passwords sheet.

11) Old Tax returns - I have no idea what these may be needed for, but nonetheless, they made my list of something Annie may need.

12) Wills and Power of Attorneys - the physical documents should I become incapacitated.

Guys, I know this type of talk rubs some people the wrong way. I believe we owe it to our spouses and families to do the best we can to protect them with smart measures.

Take care and talk soon,


PS. Do you already have a document like this? If so, what have you included that I didn't? I'm all ears and it would allow us to have some conversation going here so that others can add it to theirs.  Thanks!

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MultiFamily Rental Property: 10 Minute Phone Call Will Lead to $13,000 Net Worth Increase

Just before closing on the 4 unit, I called the Section 8 housing authority.  Since it has been over a decade since last having a tenant who had a voucher, I wasn’t sure if/how I could increase the rent to bring it up to market. The biggest question I was wondering…would the tenant have to pay for the increase? or would their part of the payment stay the same? Would it adjust proportionally? In this video, I show you what happened and how it will lead to a nice net worth increase in about 6 months.

This video piggybacks on the video from the other day that explains the latest project as well looks at the numbers behind the scenes. You can check that video out here:  multifamily rental property video – 4 unit.

Do you have Section 8 tenants already? What has been your experience? . 

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Take care,


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Latest Portfolio Addition – Analyzing a MultiFamily Rental Property

In this video, I step you through the numbers for our latest project addition. It’s a 4 unit that we picked up for $18,000. It should cashflow right out of the gate. In this video, I talk about our plans for increasing the income, and what the future value looks like based on current market conditions.

Hey Guys. Let me know what you think….good deal? Bad deal? I’d love to hear your feedback on it. 

Please comment below, share on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to get my free property inspection form and repair estimating cheatsheet.

Take care,


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