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4 Unit Multi-Family Rental Property Investment Analysis


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Case Study: 4 Unit Multifamily Analysis Part II. I know…it’s been awhile since you have had an update on the 4 unit. Somebody asked last week on the Part 1 Video if a follow-up was going to be coming. Seeing that we just finished installing carpet yesterday and are about to rent out the final unit and bring the project down the final stretch, thought it may be a great opportunity to review the project. Here is a quick summary: Purchase Price: $18,000 Repairs: with the renovation of the last unit, we are coming in at about $67,000 total. 

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  1. Brandon, Great introduction video to the accounting side of real estate investment!

    You were able to provide smooth transition between each of your main concepts

    1. Property Assessment
    2. Property acquisition
    3. Projected CASH FLOW
    4. Projected ROI 1+ Yr
    5. Long term debt consolidation via increase in equity and cash flow.

    Awesome video I look greatly forward to watching this video several times over!

    Something I’d like to know more about:

    How do you model regional trends in property value?
    Do you have a series of steps that help you determine a property’s true market value versus an inflationary value of the selling party?

    Simply: How do you begin to settle on the price your willing to pay before you even do a property assessment?

    The best to you,
    Brandon Ruzzi

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