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What to Do: Pay Down Debt or Invest Money


You just cashed out a nice deal and you’re sitting flush with a $40,000 check in your bank account.

Your $25,000 student loan is calling to you….”Pay me off….Pay me off”.  It’s whispering it into your head

when you lay down to go to sleep at night….but what do you do?

It’s a question many folks have wondered…do we pay down our debt faster, or invest it into other assets?

Here are 3 Strategies to help you decide what to do.

Remember: The “3 Twos”

Strategy #1:  $200,000

Strategy #2: 2% Inflation

Strategy #3: 2 Benefits

Use these 3 strategies wisely and you should be able to grow your money quicker, smarter and more profitably in a short amount of time.

Pretend each dollar you have is a little worker. It can either help you by making your life easier, or it can be lazy and just pay down a debt quickly, and then sit there and do nothing.

Hope you enjoyed.

Happy Investing,


PS. Leave a comment below if you have any thoughts or questions about the topic.  

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