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Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Real Estate Coronavirus Update


The real estate market in Pennsylvania and individual counties is changing everyday. As of right now, real estate sales and leasing are classified as non life-sustaining.  Some agents are still conducting open houses and showing of properites. However, as more and more counties shut-down to "stay at home" orders, I'm suspecting many of the "gray" areas will be come more black and white.  

For my new brokerage, our physical location is closed. You can still reach us and we can try to help anyswer any questions you may have as things are quickly changing. Here is a video that will help bring you up to speed.

Here is a quick summary of the video:

Real Estate brokerages physical locations are closed until further notice.

Many closing companies are either staying open, or receiving special exemptions to continue operating. I know several who are still in business. If you need one, let me know.

With "stay at home" orders more than likey to continue throughout the state, more and more of the, what some agents are terming as "gray areas" (open houses and showings of properties, etc) are probably going to be completely black and white. Basically, don't go and meet peole and show them properties.

The biggest hangups with most closings coming up with be the lack of departments to conduct dye testing and occupancy inspections.  And honestly, when in doubt, it's best to side on cuation and just stay home. The pain will be temporary and lives will be saved.

Have any questions? please let me know.


Brandon Yeager

Broker/Owner of HouseRock Realty

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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