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Where I Was Before I Discovered the Magical Solution

The memories are vividly etched into my memory.  I remember working my full time job as an engineer, yet wanting so bad to make this “real estate investing thing work”.  As soon as the workday ended, I’d lay a patch of rubber out of the parking lot and go and look at houses, calculating repair costs, reading discussion forums and trying to “learn how to find deals”.  It was absolutely maddening. I was trying to take massive action in 38 different directions all at once.

Here Are All the Bad Things that Happened to Me Before I found the Magical Solution

Going to work by day, flying around in an unfocused, unorganized manner trying to locate deals and speak with sellers on properties, that looking back, I am not even sure were good potential deals.  Time was precious to me.  My wife, a couple children, full time work, and my desire to exit the rat race were all pulling at my precious few minutes.

I was getting frustrated.  Listening to the gurus, it should have been easier.  They made it sound like it was so easy.  Today, I’m not sure if they were lying, or if they really did deals that made it seem so easy, but for me today, deals have become so easy to find.

My Desperate Attempt to Find a Solution Led Me Down This Path

You see, at some point, I stumbled upon a mentor who taught me how to “work preforeclosures“.   Basically, learning how to buy properties before the sheriff sale, negotiate short sales with banks, and buy non-performing notes directly from the banks.  I had a choice…continue struggling, or fork over $6,000 and try to fast-track my knowledgeI chose to fast-track it.

By learning how to work preforeclosures, I stumbled into the unknown, secret pages and websites of the county courthouse.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy learning it.  The grouchy, old lady in the Prothonotary’s office, would have been well served to be reminded that she was a paid public servant.  But doing that also wouldn’t allow me to garner the information I needed.  I was on a MISSION, even if it did seem impossible at the time.


Some of the problems I was struggling with:

  • couldn’t find deals that others weren’t chasing.
  • was driving to look at every property when a home seller called (which resulted in many valuable hours wasted)
  • was getting ticked off watching my competition take down deal after deal, and I was disgusted…and frustrated.
  • buying lists from list brokers (because that’s what the gurus told me) that ended up being old, outdated, and stale.

However, with my newfound ninja skills, and my desires to be Westmorelands #1 Real Estate Investor…I quickly started discovering a whole new world.

Within Months, things were quickly changing. Instead of struggling, I:

  • Could locate the owners of vacate properties within minutes
  • Create my own fresh, hot off the press mailing lists (and nobody else knew about the deals)
  • When owners called me and said they owed nothing (except they forgot to tell me about their $50K Line of Credit), I was able to subtly jog their memory that they did in fact owe money on their home.
  • Best yet…I was on my way to becoming…a Westmoreland Superstar real estate investor.

About The Real Problem

Back to you…and your problems of not knowing how to efficiently and effectively find and locate deals, save hours, upon hours of time, and your energy, and frustrations trying to find information, build mailing lists, screen tenants, locate heirs to estates, etc, aren’t your fault!

Here is What You are Going to Experience:

You are about to take a virtual tour through our various county websites, and learn how to deploy them to:

  • locate leads that nobody else knows about.
  • save hours upon hours driving.
  • track down anybody, find their relatives, and become an undercover super sleuth.
  • quickly determine how much people owe on their houses, and what the house previously sold for.
  • utilize information to create more profitable deals.

Here is What you Get:

6 Core modules guide you through the inner workings of our county and states best resources for real estate investors.

  • learn how to read and understand the civil court records in our county. this will help you prepare your own mailing lists, as well as evaluate Preforeclosures.
  • how to know if somebody is deceased and if a probate has been opened.
  • discover where deeds and mortgages are recorded, and more importantly, how to utilize the information to your advantage.
  • what the tax offices can teach you
  • The correct tools and fastest way possible to locate the owners of vacant properties.

PLUS 4 mind boggling bonuses, that are probably worth more than the actual core modules!

  • Imagine…you’re driving along a great hood and find a vacant house.  Discover how to instantly locate who owns the property, how much they owe, and where to locate the owners.  I’ll show you that, and much more.
  • Estates…imagine creating the freshest list of probate leads that your county.
  • Sheriff Sales…discover how to build your own list of preforeclosures to market to.
  • Be an MLS ninja.  learn how to know 90% of the things about a homeowner, before even going to meet them.


…I’m including 3 separate training products I’ve put together that normally sell for over $200 combined.  You’ll get them thrown in for free.

Vacant Homeowner Gold

  • THE “every way to find the owner” 28 page guidebook along with the cheat sheet to keep you on track.

REI Title Research Mavericks

  • 41 page guidebook and video teach you one of the MOST valuable skills I have ever learned.  The gurus won’t tell you this, but it’s true.  This will save you time, make you money, negotiate better, and make sure your title companies aren’t messing you over.
  • I conduct my own “preliminary title searches” on a Near-Daily basis.  I know more about peoples situations and what they owe…than they oftentimes do.  You can do it too.

Preforeclosure Bundle

  • Would you like to know how to purchase nonperforming mortgages for pennies on the dollar?  Yes?  Great! These 59 pages of mind altering information.  Do you want to know how to work Preforeclosures?  buy nonperforming notes at pennies on the dollar directly from banks?
  • My bulletproof ammo sheet for bank offers.  Complete this. Call the bank. Get discounts.  It’s that simple.
  • My preforeclosure information sheet.  This is what I fill-in to make sure nothing gets missed and that my information is well organized.

How Long Will This Offer Be Available?

I’m not sure.  This product was off the market for years (I felt maybe I was teaching too many people my tricks).

I don’t plan on keeping the 3 extra bonuses with the program at this price for much longer (the Vacant Homeowner Gold, Researching Title Mavericks, and the Preforeclosure Bundle).  If you are at all considering this purchase, you should purchase now to ensure you get these bonuses, because they won’t be added back in later for you.

Here is what Harvey the Expert Wholesaler said

I want to send a “kudos” to my friend Brandon Yeager regarding the video series he has put together for researching the Westmoreland County databases. There is a wealth of information there that I either did not know existed
or did not know how to access it. I suspected the video series would help me in my wholesaling business
but this is a case where Brandon ‘under promises” and “over delivers”…You should buy this sooner rather than later.

Hey Brandon, thanks for the resource. It is already saving me money.


You have my Unconditional, Iron Clad, 30 day Money Back Guarantee.  If it doesn’t solve your problems, please let me know and I”ll refund you.

However, I know for a fact that there are dozens of tips in here that are worth the investment.  Even if you only use 1/10th of the information in this package, you’ll have made a great Return on Investment, and that is what it is all about, right?

Here is Your Investment

For a limited time, you get access to all of the above information for $197.

NOTE: All Training Materials are available right after purchase and are available in a secured membership site for your immediate enjoyment and implementation.

If all this did was help you to do 1 Extra Deal and make $25,000 this year, would it be worth it? I would say Yes.

If you were able to save investing $50,000 into a BAD deal because you noticed a title error, would it be worth it? I don’t know…I’d trade $197 for $50,000 any day of the week. Yes!

If you were able to locate the owner of that vacant house you’ve been watching and make an extra $8,000 on a wholesale deal, would it be worth it? Of course! Unless, you don’t like making money.

So, just to recap, here is what you will be getting access to instantly:

  • The Main  Core “Everyone Has Demanded I Reoffer this Training” Westmoreland Superstar Training Videos which will allow you to find more leads, save tons of time, and make more profitable deals.
  • The 4 Case Strategy Videos showing how to quickly locate a vacant homeowner, research an estate, review a preforeclosure opportunity, and quickly evaluate an MLS deal will be included. For free. Those alone are worth your investment.
  • Plus, you will also get the quick cheat sheets I put together so you can get the most of this training, as fast as possible.
  • The Vacant Homeowner Gold course
  • The REI Title Researching Mavericks course
  • The Preforeclosure Bundle course  

If you were to ask an attorney for 1 Hour of their time to show you a FRACTION of this stuff, you would probably have to pay $350-$500. But here is the thing…most of them can’t even TEACH you this stuff anyway.  So, there isn’t any use in going that route.

Here is why I’m letting you access this information for this low of an investment.  Because, I want you to be a satisfied customer who wants to get access to more of my information and training in the future.  I’m about to unveil a new program, and I want many happy, satisfied investors who have experienced what I have to share with you, so that you’ll consider coming on board and working a little closer with me in the future.

Thanks for your consideration,

Brandon Yeager

PS.  One more time, here is the buy now button: