"Real Results", Real Estate Investing 

The value we get out of the group is the composite of the members. Brandon has years of experience in all facets of real estate that he shares with the group. His background and sharing is invaluable to the group.

Jim K

Freedom Faction Full Time Investor

Brandon helps us to identify the problems with our business and gives us great advice on how to change/adapt.  I also enjoy listening to his successes and failures which helps me and the group learn.

Mike S

Freedom Faction

House Flipper

My mastermind group has given me clarity and eliminates my fears. It gave me the focus to quit my job and pursue my dreams as a real estate investor. The great networking opportunities have allowed me partnering opportunities and created a new avenue of income that I never thought of.

Anthony P

Freedom Faction Full Time Investor

Brandon does a good job at helping members work through issues and gives good tips based on his experience.  My group has helped me grow my network and keep on track to my business vision.

Kevin M

Freedom Faction Investor

Brandon helps investors by helping the clueless with clues and changing their paradigm. Once I was struggling with direction and priorities and Brandon helped me not only supplying information, but also sources and resources for solving problems.

Dennis I.


Brandon helps investors by being open and honest with his struggles and successes. He also provides tips and procedures to help you with your real estate endeavors. He has immense knowledge from the start of investing to success.

Annete & Mike K.


Once I was struggling with estimating repairs and Brandon helped me by showing his process for estimating  and tips and walked through a house and estimated repairs (very helpful!)

Mark B.

Freedom Fraction Member

Brandon has lots of house flipping successes and is very willing to help others succeed as well.  He can walk you through the steps to take to build your own successful business.

Joanne B.

Freedom Faction Member

Brandon brings his success and failures to light. He is an open book. He helps you see the frustration points and guides you in the right direction. He provides value to investors, both beginner and experienced through his experiences and industry knowledge.

Mike S.

Freedom Faction Member

Brandon helps investors by offering an honest and authentic view of the real estate world. Some instructors sell their audience on a life of luxury, but Brandon keeps things honest and informative. Brandon can help you put together a plan tailored to your current situation.

Chad R.


Others can benefit working with Brandon because of his years of experience and learning from many mistakes along the way. He can help others avoid the same mistakes.

Jeremy L.


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Brandon Yeager 

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