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3D Virtual Tours Made Easy – Ricoh Theta V Review

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Business, Reception Halls, Rental Properties | 0 comments

3D Virtual Tours are becoming extremely popular due to people not being able to leave their homes currently due to the virus. We have been in the process of reviewing various 3D virtual tour softwares and 3D camera systems for some time now. We spent a lot of time reviewing them. In the end, we discovered a great combination which is meeting our needs well. And with things having been expedited with the virus, we’ve had a lot of practice to test it out. Works great!

In the video, I teach you:

– the 3 biggest advantages to us to using 3D virtual tours.

– How to set it up

– A common misconception about 3D cameras (hint: I thought they spun also)

– How they work

– Results of the camera we are using.

If you would like to get started on your own, here is a kit for using it:

Camera we are using



The 3 Biggest advantages for us of a 3D camera System:1) Competitive advantage over other brokers. We are planning to offer free 3D tours for any clients over $100,000 listing price.2) Save time and money – how long does it take you to drive across town, and show an apartment? or worse yet, the prospective tenant doesn’t show? GRRRRR!3) Able to obtain nice wide angle still photos from the 3D tour.With the virus pandemic sweeping the world. realtors are looking for ways to conduct business remotely. I highly recommend our sytem, and I detail it all in this video.

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