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MultiFamily Rental Property: 10 Minute Phone Call Will Lead to $13,000 Net Worth Increase


Just before closing on the 4 unit, I called the Section 8 housing authority.  Since it has been over a decade since last having a tenant who had a voucher, I wasn’t sure if/how I could increase the rent to bring it up to market. The biggest question I was wondering…would the tenant have to pay for the increase? or would their part of the payment stay the same? Would it adjust proportionally? In this video, I show you what happened and how it will lead to a nice net worth increase in about 6 months.

This video piggybacks on the video from the other day that explains the latest project as well looks at the numbers behind the scenes. You can check that video out here:  multifamily rental property video – 4 unit.

Do you have Section 8 tenants already? What has been your experience? . 

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  1. Hey Brandon good info… Just wanted to let you know that I have not worked with any section 8 housing or vouchers in years of all of my tenants I don’t have any section 8 tenants… I do use the rental assistance program when someone can’t pay their rent they will help them out with about one months worth of rent per year and we also have other agencies that will work with our tenants if they get stuck for a month but my experience with the section 8 housing is every time someone moves out it is almost a total rehabAnd also when they complain to section 8 housing that something isn’t right section 8 housing stop the rental payments until as everything is fixed and they can get out to inspect just didn’t want to deal with all the bureaucracy… Just one guy’s experience LOL hopefully you’re enjoying your weekend


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